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13 Things You Know If You’re Sporty Now But Used To Be Lazy

Coppertone Sport® stays on strong when you sweat, so you can stay protected with a high-performance sunscreen that matches your new active lifestyle.

1. Once upon a time, your gym membership wasn't exactly getting much use.

I might be dead for all my gym knows.

2. You used to have one speed when it came to exercise.

3. In fact, the whole experience of working out was pretty foreign.

I don’t understand how gyms can just give away free weights.

4. But one day, something changed.

5. You probably started off slow.

6. But quickly gained confidence.

Before you try to fight me, you should know that I sometimes sit on an exercise ball at work.

7. You started dressing the part.

8. And maybe there was a bit of a learning curve.

I start my gym routine taking a really long time reading the directions to each machine and end when I fall down and the big men laugh at me

9. But once you got the hang of things...

10. eventually found your groove.

11. Maybe you're still figuring out where to store all your newish gear.

12. And still finding creative ways to merge your old habits with the new.

13. But at the end of the day, you love your new sporty self.

Stay protected in your new active lifestyle with Coppertone Sport®, a high-performance sunscreen that stays on strong when you sweat.

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