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12 Songs That Will Transport You From The Office To The Beach

Office drama got you down? Never fear! Plug in your headphones and let these iconic summer songs take you away to the land of sand, sun, and Coppertone® sunscreen.

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Transport yourself to the beach right now:

1. It's 9:05 a.m., and you've just rolled into the office.

Pretend like you've just found a parking spot closest to the boardwalk entrance.

2. You open your inbox only to reveal 35+ unread messages.

Pretend like you've just found 35+ rare seashells.

3. Your boss gives you a "talking to" for being tardy to the party.

Pretend like you just buried your BFF in the sand.

4. Oh shoot. You accidentally looked down at your feet and saw that they're in socks and shoes and NOT buried in the sand.

Pretend like you're standing at the spot where the water meets the sand, and your feet are sinking deeper and deeper into the mud.

5. You completely forgot you had a 10:30 client call, and you're NOT prepared!

Pretend like you just dove into the chilled water, and your whole body is refreshed.

6. Time-out. Did someone just spray sea salt spray in their hair?

Pretend like you're breathing in that sweet, salty air!
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7. Hold up. The deli ran out of your favorite cheese for your sandwich?!

Pretend like you're eating a snack on your blanket, and you got some crunchy sand in your teeth.
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8. Overhead fluorescent lighting too bright?

Pretend like the sun is beating down on you, and you have to slip on your new sunnies.

9. And cue the afternoon headache from staring at your computer screen too long.

Pretend like the sun is at its peak, and you're soaking in all it's warmth on your face.

10. Your co-worker just threw you under the bus.

Pretend like you spotted a dolphin family just offshore.

11. Time to buckle up and bang out the rest of your work so you can at least make it to happy hour.

Pretend like it's that perfect time of day when the sun is setting and the tide is fading out.

12. Hey, look at the time! It's almost EOD — one day closer to the weekend.

Pretend like you're sipping a pina colada at the beach tiki bar!