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18 Awesome Things You Need To Do This Summer

Summer is FINALLY HERE!! Add a lil fun to your summer routine with some of these great excuses to celebrate. Whatever you're doing, don't forget the Coppertone®!

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4. Get together with friends to make crowns of flowers for Midsummer on June 21.

Peter Salanki / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: salanki

Known as Midsommar in Sweden, this celebration involves making crowns of flowers and dancing around a pole (that part is less weird than it sounds).

5. Or take a step further and dress up for Golowan, a traditional Cornish Midsummer celebration

Like Midsommar, Golowan celebrations involve bonfires and wreaths of flowers, but mixed with scary skull disguises and children dressed as pirates. Fun!

16. Make your way to Providence, Rhode Island for one of the stunning lightings of the WaterFire installation.

Lou Jones / Lonely Planet Images / Getty Images

Water + fire = wow. The event will happen twice in July and twice in August, find the full schedule here.