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14 Things Sleepaway Camp Taught Us About Life, Loss, And Love

Summer camp is a rite of passage for all preteens across the nation. We will never forget those summers of pure pubescent bliss. And no doubt Coppertone ® was there for some of your most fantastically awkward moments!

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5. Trust no one.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone tells you they can keep a secret, but odds are, if you dish some dirt, the ENTIRE camp will find out the next day.

8. Nothing is more valuable than independence.

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Whether it's taking a shower or a dip in the pool, you get to choose. But honestly, who needs to shower when you have pool water!?

12. Knowing how to navigate through the woods will save you from a panic attack.

Simon Potter / Cultura / Getty Images / Via 155293006

"North, south, east, west, WHAT DO YOU EVEN MEAN?!"

14. Leaving is the hardest part.

~ goodbye summer ~

[sheds tears the entire ride home]

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