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15 Life Lessons From "Orphan Black"

Over the course of ten episodes Orphan Black has taught us some valuable life lessons. Keep them in mind while you wait for season two.

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1. Don't steal someone else's identity. No matter how much they look like you. / Via

There is a chance that person's life could be filled with conspiracy theories, clones, religious zealots and maybe some extra cash.


8. Never wear a scarf while using the garbage disposal. / Via

Before you shove that felt angel (that you got as a gift from your former BFF) down the garbage disposal make sure you remove any excess clothing.


14. Dress your best if you're ever involved with an evil Scientist. / Via

Sparkly dresses, fabulous heels, flawless hair and fierce red lipstick help ease the pain of doing someone else's dirty work.

15. Don't ever break the first rule of Clone Club. / Via

Unless you need another person to burgle for you, be your back-up, babysitter, personal make-up artist or shoulder to cry on - then it is completely fine to break the rules.

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