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  • Mario Balotelli Ed Il Suo Ritorno A Milano – La Verit À

    Balotelli si gode il benvenuto degli eroi al suo arrivo a Milano, si dirige diretto dall’aeroporto al luogo frequentato dalle celebrità. Segue un tumulto fuori dal ristorante Giannino mentre è dentro con il proprietario del Ristorante Giannino Lorenzo Tonetti e la storica guida degli ultras della AC Milan Giancarlo “Il Barone” Capelli. Copa90 viene sorpreso con questi due famigerati fan rossoneri parte della nostra rassegna “Tutta La Vita” su AC Milan.

  • Mario Balotelli And His Milan Homecoming - The Truth

    Mario Balotelli enjoys a heroes welcome on his arrival in Milan, heads straight to celeb hotspot from the airport. A riot ensues outside the restaurant Giannino’s whilst he is inside with owner Lorenzo Tonetti and historical leader of the AC Milan Ultras Giancarlo “Il Barone” Capelli. Copa90 caught up with these two infamous Rossoneri fans as part of our “Tutta La Vita” feature on AC Milan.

  • Man City Vs Liverpool

    An in depth look into the two teams stats from games this season including head to head stats, their top players comparison and more. Stats courtesy of Squawka.

  • Top 10 Bits Of Buzz-Worthy Ballon d’Or Creativity

    At Copa90 we make films for football-obsessed fans. We also scour the Web to find stuff that makes us laugh. In this list you’ll find stuff created from people we really admire and hopefully will collaborate with in the future. Of course, we’ve thrown in a few bits we did ourselves including our Messi the Sorcerer vs Ronaldo the Superhero film. So if you like what you see here, subscribe to Copa90 on YouTube for your daily dose of football served fresh:

  • Ronaldo To Ro-Nada GIF

    He wins the league and is the fastest ever to 100 goals but he’s still 3 times unlucky because of Messi. Watch our animated film featuring Messi the Sorcerer vs Ronaldo the Superhero in the Battle for the Ballon d’Or. And click “Subscribe” for an epic daily dose of Copa90: Football Served Fresh:

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