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18 Unmissable Throwback Songs You Hear At Every Latino Party

Warning: You'll want to throw a fiesta after this.These songs may be from another era, but somehow, it's always refreshing to hear them. Continue refreshing your world with a cold and delicious Coors Light.

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1. "El Venao" by Los Cantantes


This catchy song that allows for some serious hand-busting moves tells the story of a man who refuses to be called a deer, which makes sense, since it means his girl has been unfaithful. Pobrecito, but it's a great song.

2. "El Tiburón" by Proyecto Uno

Texasgirly1979 / / Via

In this song, "el tiburón" is a dude who keeps stealing the girls the singer is eyeing at the club. Its all-encompassing lyrics eventually get wilder, and everybody just starts talking about "chocolate and canela." Sharks, chocolate, cinnamon... This song is literally everything.

3. "Procura" by ChiChi Peralta

BuzzFeed Yellow / / Via

"Procura" is musical poem enjoyed best if danced with the person you crush. Now, it doesn't always make perfect sense, but basically it's a dude telling a girl, "Please, do continue looking at me, flirting with me, and making my heart go faster, 'cause you won't regret it." OH.

4. "Sergio El Bailador" by Bronco

tolak84 / / Via

If there's ever a Sergio in the room, he is allowed (and encouraged) to show off a little when this song ("his" song) comes on. The lyrics explain that women are captivated by Sergio, "a great friend, a graceful dancer, an enigmatic creature who taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk and Shakira how to shake her hips..." (OK, maybe we made the last part up).

5. "La Morena" by Ilegales

Dallas M. Fitzgerald Productions / Apple Color / Via

The most memorable bit of this memorable song? Candela, candela 🎶

6. "Suavemente" by Elvis Crespo


¡Pequeña! This party anthem is the perfect way to dance yourself into a kiss. XoXo

7. "La Bomba" by Azul Azul

2 Thinkstock

Sure, "La Bomba" is as fun as it gets, BUT the part of the song that requires us to menear our hips all the way to the floor certainly does make our thighs want to explode...

8. "Que Bello" by Sonora Tropicana

2 Thinkstock

This romantic song makes us blush a little bit, and it's the perfect excuse to dance with your crush and indirectly (well, directly) declare your love to them (if you dare). Plus, if you regret it, after the song you can just be like "OK, gonna go grab some pozole, see you l8r."

9. "El Listón De Tu Pelo" by Los Ángeles Azules


Only dance this song if you're ready to have a heartfelt musical conversation – those lyrics are hardcore! "Olvida la vanidad, y el orgullo déjalo afuera...

y tus labios se entreabrieron para decirme deseo y te quieroOoOoOo..."

10. "Cómo Te Voy A Olvidar" by Los Ángeles Azules

Los Ángeles Azules deserve to be in this list twice. Now dime, ¿CÓMO TE VOY A OLVIDAAAAR, ¿CÓMO TE VOY A OLVIDAAAAAAAAR? (Yes, this is a serious heartbreak song.) Listen with care— you may be inclined to leave your ex an epic voicemail. Ay. 😬

Los Ángeles Azules deserve to be in this list twice. Now dime, ¿CÓMO TE VOY A OLVIDAAAAR, ¿CÓMO TE VOY A OLVIDAAAAAAAAR? (Yes, this is a serious heartbreak song.) Listen with care— you may be inclined to leave your ex an epic voicemail. Ay. 😬

11. "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" by Celia Cruz

viv85021 / / Via

This upbeat tropical song by the Queen of Salsa reminds everybody that life is a big ol' party and your woes disappear when you sing. *brb g2g sing problems away*

12. "Levantando Las Manos" by El Símbolo / Via

This song is a trip because it talks about this "very new rhythm someone will teach you to dance" and then proceeds to give you the most basic instructions imaginable (i.e. "raise your hands, move your waist, con movimiento sexy WooOoOo"). Cray.

13. "El Besito Cachichurris" by Daniel Luna


So, in this song, a guy is telling a girl that all he wants is what sounds like a v complex kiss: "un besito bien cachichurris, machichurris, chichirris." He insists that's ALL HE WANTS, nothing more.

14. "Amor Prohibido" by Selena


This song states that being from different socioeconomic levels is irrelevant when two people love each other... so now we've officially ran out of excuses to not date a millionaire (LOLOLOLOL). Seriously though, the Queen of Tejano rules.

15. "Y Llegaste Tú" by Banda el Recodo

Tiikuri / / Via

This well-known ranchera sweetly describes a man's feelings after a girl he (clearly) really digs arrives in his life. It's one those songs Mexicans have to hear past 2 a.m., 'cause it's amazing.

16. "La Bilirrubina" by Juan Luis Guerra / Via

The ENTIRE LATINO WORLD knows this danceable yet sorta worrisome song about a man who is falling ill, but it's OK, 'cause ~love~ is behind all that fever and tachycardia. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

17. "El Sirenito" by Rigo Tovar

conejoazul / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: conejoazul / Thinkstock

This catchy song narrates a maritime love story: A guy was diving in the bottom of the ocean when he fell in love with a mermaid, who gives birth (YES, GIVES BIRTH) to a little mermaid boy nine months later. The diver eventually gets sent to be executed because sharks (in the "Shark Court" – YES, SHARK COURT) blame him for eating his mermaid for breakfast. Thankfully, the mermaid appears just in time to save his lover's life! PHEW! 💗

18. "Dos Locos" by Monchy & Alexandra

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

This romantic bachata song involves two lovers professing their love to each other while simultaneously dating other people ("Dos Locos", indeed). The man promptly complains about the woman he is officially with, since she simply can't make coffee like the woman he wants to be with. Everything about this song is basically insane, pero, like, in a good way.

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