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15 Ideas Refrescantes To Throw The Coolest Party

Se vino la pachanga. Fun and games aside, your VIP guest should be a cold and refreshing Coors Light.

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Here are some thought starters to make your party más exciting:

1. Forget about those pomegranate- and apple pie-scented shenanigans — light up the room with the fresh aroma of a campfire...


That's right, the smell of fire, wood, and memorias de tu infancia.

7. Get a portable speaker to blast some good canciones.


This case is Bluetooth enabled, but you can also plug in a microphone and get to singing. Plus, it looks pretty darn beautiful.

9. Get some chill glasses to keep your beer, well, chill. 😉


These self-cooling glasses can be for show, obviously ('cause they're neat) or you can have them just in case you run out of ice, God forbid *se persigna*.

12. Drink nectar from the gods (beer)...from the gods:


It's your party, and you can drink from a Pythagorean cup if you want to! BTW, this thing will spill out the bottom if you pour an indecent amount of liquid in it. See, it's meant to make your drinking ~classy~.