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19 Insanely Cool Items To Take Your Verano To The Next Level

Ya es verano, so let's act like it. These refreshing ideas to make your summer the best ever are brought to you by Coors Light.

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15. Chillax like a boss without worrying about los &$#@ mosquitos.


This is way better than having to bathe in insect repellent. Keep annoying neighbors and mosquitos away by hopping inside this bubble in which you can conveniently fall asleep to the sight of the moon and the stars.

12. Let your friends also feel like royalty by chillin' on an island.


This is one island that's actually affordable. Who cares if it's inflatable and you can only fit six people on it? It comes with a cooler bag and even has a shaded area.

3. Get a towboat you can control...WITH YOUR MIND. (OK, OK...with your hands. But close enough.)

This boat has a 70-horsepower engine and can go up to 40 mph, which means you'll be afforded plenty of speed and waves to enjoy the ride. Also, it stops when you let go of the handle, which is very convenient.

2. Take it up a notch and get a real boat. WITH A HOT TUB.


This lancha even comes with a waterproof stereo. If you're feeling mariposas in your stomach just by looking at it, trust us — we get it. For less than 50k, you can be chilling in hot water (over saltwater) any day now.