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18 Signs That You’re At A Real Latino Party

There's a "party" and then there's a Latino party. Keep any social gathering refreshing with a cold and crisp Coors Light.

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1. First, if Latinos are throwing a party, it basically means everybody and their mom is invited.

Jerry Bailey / / Via

"I'm having a party, ¡vente! Sure, bring whoever you want! The more the better! "

2. You are greeted with a ~kiss~ on the cheek.


Effusively, in general. "Heeey, WHAT'S UP...!!!"

3. Guests arrive with a bunch of friggin' bolsas, 'cause everybody brings plenty of snacks and cervezas.

You: "Hey what do I bring?"Host: "Idk, we'll have plenty to drink and eat. ¿Tal vez hielo?"*You show up with ice, plus seven different papitas and two six-packs of beer*

You: "Hey what do I bring?"

Host: "Idk, we'll have plenty to drink and eat. ¿Tal vez hielo?"

*You show up with ice, plus seven different papitas and two six-packs of beer*

4. There's just a ton of ice. People love to bring ice.


Even if there's 300 refrigerators stacked with cold beers, ice's a VIP.

5. There's probably a cornucopia of exotic snacks in sight.

David Boté Estrada (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: logatfer

Churritos de maíz, cacahuates, frituras, papitas...ñamñamñam.

6. People are not shy dancers.

Deutsche Vereins-Film / Via

You hear music, you move. That's how it goes.

7. Like, they just let loose. / Via

🎶 "Mueve la pom-pom-pa." 🎶

8. The music is varied: rock, reggaetón, bachatas, salsas, and rancheras.


Soda Stereo, Selena, Romeo Santos, Bronco...the list is refreshingly dynamic.

9. Everybody starts kinda dancing together, en bola and in a circle.

RT / / Via

Todos bailan con tooodooosss.

10. Your friends won't let you leave "early"...

NatGeoWild / / Via

"It's only 2 a.m, Francisco — ¡¿Cómo que ya te vas?!"

11. ...which is good, since música para bailar pegaditos plays a lil' later in the night.

"Como la flooooor / Con tanto amor / Me diste túuu / Se marchitoOoo..." 🎶
Coutesy of Federico Villaseñor

"Como la flooooor / Con tanto amor / Me diste túuu / Se marchitoOoo..." 🎶

12. Time suddenly becomes irrelevant.


"Oh, the sun's up? ¡DEJA SACAR LOS TAMALES!"

13. Tus amigos y tú reminisce about the good ol' times.

Paramount Pictures / Via

¿Te acuerdas when we used to go to the tianguis with mi tía just to eat those amazing gorditas?

14. The room will slowly clear out until it's just you and your closest buddies...

crf88 / / Via

Only the strong ones will survive.

15. ...and for one reason or another, you just have to remind them how much you love them.


"No sabes cómo te quiero, te quiero como un hermano (*points to friend/brother*), ¡ESTE BROTHER ES MI HERMANO! Eres mi hermano, brother."

16. Somebody's cousin shows up at 5 a.m. like it's 11 p.m.


"¿Qué onda, primo? ¡Es que andaba en otra fiesta!"

17. You hear a mariachi.

captainkickstand / / Via

And errbody's singing, together in unison: "Yo sé bien que estoy afuera, pero el día que yo me muera, sé que tendrás que lloraaaaar..."

18. And finally, when your legs go out on you, you decide it's time to head home.


You are exhausted, worn out like an old trapo, sleepy as hell...and can't wait to do it all over again next weekend.

A Latino party is totally different and pretty invigorating. You know what else is refreshing? Una Coors Light bien fría.