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18 Things Your Latino Dad Has Definitely Done

Padre solo hay uno. It's pretty refreshing to have such a cool dad. For more refreshing moments, you can always count on a Coors Light bien fría.

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2. Claimed he could fix the unfixable.


He has repaired broken showers, cars, an uncountable number of appliances, broken tennis racquets, leaky sinks...or at least given them two more solid weeks of life.

8. Screamed at the TV in Spanish.

You know your dad is watching a soccer game when you hear him yelling at the tv in Spanish

11. Pronounced words in English in his very own way.

My dad was Latino he used to pronounce things wrong like: My-co Yordan

13. Attempted to dance to whatever "los jóvenes de hoy" listen to.

15. ...and gotten onto you when your instructions were not clear enough.

¡Dime bien, hijo!

18. And always, always given you some wise advice.

My Dad gives me the best motivation for school , he doesn't want me to be another Latino working for someone else making them richer