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    • cooperg

      When you consider all of the taxes levied by government from the local up to the federal level, it isadizzying list.Iwill not enumerate them all, but many economists have estimated the effective tax rate on the average citizen to be well over 60% when you consider that taxes are paid on money earned, money spent, money invested, and beyond.Iunderstand the argument in favor of taxes for promoting ingenuity and innovation, but if we are honestly critiquing the government at large, the amount of waste and cronyist kickbacks far outweighs the benefits government investments. No one on here is mentioning that the federal government’s income from taxes is higher than at any point in history, yet they are running the highest recorded deficits in the HISTORY of MANKIND. We simply cannot allow this sort of theft to take place on such an alarming scale. Think of it as identity theft, because that is the equivalent of what it is. The government has run nearly $40,000 in debt for EVERY man, woman, and child in the USA. How can we justify this when billions go to campaign donors in kickbacks? When millions are wasted on goldfish research? When we have armed people like Osama Bin Laden (look up your cold war history if you balk at that) and the islamic extremists that have come to power asaresult of the US-backed Arab Spring? We have created wars for the sake of war, at the expense of the American citizen who has had his/her wealth robbed byacombination of corporate greed and regulatory measures that are criminal by any measure of economic law. We have allowed our constitutional rights to be assaulted by an out of control police state. The formation of the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Safety Administration, the passage of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, the continued upholding of the Patriot Act,Icould go on, but the point is that all of these are complete assaults on our 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment rights. The 2nd amendment is being chipped away piece by piece through executive order andacoordinated fear mongering campaign that is such sensationalized propaganda that it is mind numbing to behold. The people of this country are not, for the most part, even aware of what has changed in this country since 2001. The Bush/Obama presidencies have taken us fromaconstitutional republic to some perverted form of oligarchy under the guise of democracy. Democracy isabad thing. Study history. It doesn’t work, it isn’t an american value, and barring some mass awakening of the american people, we are truly screwed in the sense of social mobility and individual prosperity across all classes. The manufactured crises of the last decade have erased middle class wealth, devalued the dollar, and empowered our enemies in China and Russia. We must push back or the prosperity we knew in the 20th century will never be seen by our children in this century.

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