Emily Curley
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    • Emily Curley

      Fun Fact! You could very likely be considered the rudest person on the internet! Wow-za!
      Also, what all-knowing power do you hold that allows you to be so heartless? Do you honestly think that women just wake up in the morning and think “Hmm, I think I might get an abortion today; and then maybe I’ll get a manicure!”. It’s a very difficult topic, and many women struggle with it but would rather just not become a mother for reasons of their own and their potential child’s health, economic problems, or their own personal reasons. And all reasons are valid because it’s not an easy decision to make and women do take time to think of the pros and cons of the situation. From what I gather from your incessant attacks on others and aggressive tone, you don’t like women, and it’d be a fair guess from me that women don’t fancy you too much, either. Frankly, I completely understand. If you are not a woman (which you don’t seem like one) or some kind of healthcare professional,your idiocy has no effect on me. Tell me I’m a heathen, tell me I’m going to hell, tell me I’m the a worthless bag of organs with no soul—people like you mean nothing because you just don’t know. Everyone is entitled to an opinion; that’s a right, but it is a privilege to have other people listen to and consider them. Unfortunately, I don’t think you understand that.
      BTW, were you born this rude or did your mother just not bother to teach you some manners?

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