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#LOCKOUTROCKOUT (Hockey Fans Making Cool Stuff During An Uncool Time)

#lockoutrockout is where hockey fans make cool videos to support hockey during the lockout. For example, here's a dude dancing in front of the Air Canada Centre in a Leafs jersey to a badass song. Join the Rockout today!

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#LockoutRockOut - "You Only Dance Once" (The MotTO)

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Warning: this dance video may not contain the originally intended audio. If it does not, the filmmaker will make a satisfying substitute.

The #lockoutrockout founder's speech in front of the Air Canada Centre:

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(Shot on Thursday October 11, the day that was to be the first day of the NHL season)

Join the movement today!

Love hockey? Hate the lack of hockey? Want to express this love/hate?

Make a video on youtube, put "#lockoutrockout" in the title. WABAM! Step 1 done.

Then go on twitter, hype it up with the hashtag "#lockoutrockout". I'll promote that thing too. As long as it doesn't offend the masses. WABAM! Step 2 done.

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