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15 Things Couples That Met On Tinder Know To Be True

"It's a match!"

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1. Whenever someone asks how you met you both giggle a little on the inside.

And are tempted to say "Oh, it was Sunday during a cold New York winter when I was just swiping right to everyone because I was so bored."

2. And when you proceed to tell the story of how you matched no one believes you.

"But you two are so normal and cute and not creepy."

3. Your parents think you met through friends in common.

4. You've talked about failed dates.

5. And secretly want to thank them all for being so bad at online dating.

6. And this success has made you (almost) forget all the creepy messages you previously received.

7. You have openly commented on what you liked and didn't like from their profile.

8. You remember what your first message said.


9. And have openly admitted of having Googled the other before the actual date.

More like stalked but whatever.

10. You cheer on friends who say they wanna sign up.

11. Sometimes when the other isn't looking, you stare at them and smile at how lucky you were to have set your app settings to what you did.

"1 Mile away."

12. You are OK with being "that couple that met online" in your group of friends.

Because it means that you are cooler anyway.

13. At least ONE person has suggested you guys have a Tinder themed party.

The answer is no.

The answer is no.

14. You can't quite believe that a simple swipe right turned into a relationship.

15. And the best thing is... You wouldn't have it any other way.

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