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    18 Pictures Of Trumps That Will Make Memes Great Again

    If President Trump is giving us quality memes like this after two weeks in office, the next few years are going to be bananas.

    In his first days as president of the United States (!!!), Donald Trump has done what most presidents do during their first days in office: sign papers.

    Trump, trying to put the cap on his pen.


    But, Trump being Trump, and the internet being the internet, this has kicked off an epic Photoshop war. What follows are just a few of the hilarious highlights.

    1. The first joke was obviously about his small hands.

    2. Here he is playing with plastic dinosaurs.

    3. And now with Barbies.

    4. The infamous wall.



    7. There was also one of the vice president, Mike Pence, doing uhhhhmmmmmm well... this.


    9. Trump and his tiny violin (that he clearly doesn't know how to play).

    10. And now with his guitar, obviously singing about his famous wall.

    11. Some more elaborate ones made him as a Star Wars pilot.

    12. Or a dancer.

    13. C'mon, you got this, Donald.

    14. Do you even lift, bro?

    15. Things turned violent very quickly.

    16. LOL.

    17. Who's the puppet now?

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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