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This California Artist Uses A Rake To Create Murals In Beach Sand And They're Beyond Stunning

A man + a rake + any beach = Beach murals!

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Meet Bay Area artist Andres Amador, he creates what he calls 'beach murals' and they are stunningly beautiful.

He can work on any beach, so his pieces can be as big as he wants them to be.


You can follow where he goes via his Facebook page where he also shares all his art work.


If you ever stumble upon his work be quick to snap away, because the tide will erase it all before your eyes.

He's been doing this since 2004 when, while studying crop circles in Hawaii, the idea came to him.


He plans his designs ahead of time, sometimes drawing them on paper or on a computer, which then he uses as a guide.


When asked why he does this Amador has the best answer ever: "Its fun. I get to be at the beach."


And now watch how he does it all... Pretty, huh?