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    19 Things You'll Understand If You Immigrated As An Adult

    "Nobody said it was easy..." ?

    1. There are words you will never learn how to spell...

    2. Or even be able to say properly out loud.

    3. You talk to your loved ones left back home all the time.

    4. ... but eventually ask them to stop telling you how bad things are back home.

    5. It doesn’t matter how much fun your new life is, there will be days where you'll miss everything and everyone you left behind.

    6. You'll learn that everything in the world is replaceable, except family and real friends.

    7. And, although is not easy, with time you'll meet cool humans.

    8. ...but ok, let's be honest, no one will ever replace your best friends.

    9. You don’t get all the pop culture references and are tired of people being appalled and saying you had no childhood.

    10. You’ll find yourself constantly comparing the place you’re in with where you come from.

    11. You'll start missing the craziest and weirdest things from your country.

    12. And in some occasions you even feel guilty for having left.

    13. Some days you feel like you don’t belong anywhere, and others you feel strong and open minded.

    14. You never get bored because anyplace you go is like an awesome trip full of new discoveries.

    15. Since you moved, problems have become challenges, and "giving up" is no longer an option.

    16. You get emotional remembering that day when you arrived just with your luggage and a passport.

    17. And it's okay if the saying “there is one and only home" doesn't apply to you.

    18. Although it sometimes can feel like a struggle, you won’t even realize when you start integrating and loving the new culture.

    19. ...but you'll also learn how to live in a constant state of nostalgia.