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    14 Things People With Tongue Piercings Are Tired Of Hearing

    Did I ever ask for your opinion? Yeah, thought so.

    1. "Did it hurt when you got it done?"

    How about you go get one and then come back and tell me about?

    2. "Can I touch it?"

    Let me think about it................. NO!

    3. "Do you speak differently with the piercing in?"

    4. "Why would you do this to your body?"

    Because it's mine, that's why.

    5. "Don't you think you're too old for it?"

    6. "So... You're probably really good at oral sex, right?"

    Really? REALLY?

    7. "Or making out?"

    All the same my friend.

    8. "Does this mean you have less tastebuds?"

    They died all at once after that needle went through my flesh.

    9. "Do you get food stuck in it?"

    I eat like a normal human being, you know?

    10. "You are destroying your teeth."

    My dentist thinks otherwise, but thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    11. "When are you taking it out?"

    How about... Never?

    12. "You are never going to get a real job with that thing on."

    Watch me.

    13. "Have you ever swallowed it?"

    Actually, it happens more often than you would like to know.

    14. "Have you ever gotten, you know, stuck to something down there?"

    Please. Make. It. Stop.

    But you know better than that...

    So rock on you beautiful you.

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