19 Things People Who Grew Up With ICQ Will Understand

Get out of the way MSN fans, the real thing was ICQ.

1. You STILL know your ICQ number of by heart.

5642217. Yup, still got it.

2. Watching the app connect was both exciting and nerve-wracking.

3. You could add so much ~cool~ information to your profile.

Although you probably ended up filling all the options with lyrics and a lot of ~~**things like these**~~

4. There was nothing more exciting than going from “Invisible” to “Available” when your crush came online.

But NEVER EVER “Free For Chat.”

5. Or you could just hide from everyone when you didn’t want to chat.

6. Group chats were the coolest.

You got to be artistic, use sounds, actions, SO MANY THINGS.

7. Except when you had to leave abruptly because your mom needed the phone.

8. Sharing your homework had never been easier.

9. Although it took forever for a Word Doc to go through.

10. You made fun of all of those who didn’t know the ~real~ meaning of the name.

11. Nothing will EVER replace this sound and the excitement it generates in you.

12. And these will always hold a special place in your heart.

Poop emoji? Whatevs.

13. Stalking was made SO easy.

There were so many ways of finding your crush.

14. You had perfectly crafted your contact lists.

People from school, people from soccer, people you never wanted to really talk to, etc.

15. And you would spend endless nights just chatting.

Dial up, ugh. UGH.

16. And breaking up with your BFF was as easy as putting them under the “Ignore” list.


17. If you lost your contact list - which happened a lot - your friends could send you their contacts.

You were never alone, always connected.

18. The struggle has been real for all those who grew up with it.

I miss ICQ.

— Florence Chee (@cheeflo)

I miss ICQ.

— PvR (@PvR)

I miss ICQ.

— Zach Glassman (@zachspassport)

19. But guess what… It’s back!


Type away my friend, type away.

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