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    These Videos Of Humans Rescuing Animals Will Make You Tear Up

    These humans are the best. EVER.

    People Come to the Rescue is a compilation created by YouTube user Alexandr Mish. In the videos people go out of their way to make sure animals in danger are rescued and safe, some even put themselves in risky situations.

    Thank you humans for doing all of this:

    Pushing all these dolphins back into the ocean.

    Not leaving behind any of these ducklings...

    Not allowing this one guy to float by himself in the cold.

    Helping this little guy get his head out of a jar.

    Even helping wild animals get out of traps!

    And using anything that you have handy.

    Making this doggy happy by pulling him out of a manhole.

    And rescuing this clumsy moose from freezing water.

    A big thank you from this whale for cutting it out of a fishing net.

    And getting your hands dirty for this baby elephant to be reunited with his family.

    Because of you, this moose got to stand tall.

    And for giving this pup got all the love he deserved after being rescued from a hole.

    Sit back, click play and grab some tissues.

    Watch part 1...

    View this video on YouTube

    Ready for more? Here's part 2:

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    More joy! Watch part 3...

    View this video on YouTube