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    These Kids With Beards Are Adorably Creepy

    This Tumblr will make you both cringe and awww at the same time.

    The Tumblr Kids With Beards started as an office joke.

    As Mark D'Avella told us: "Our designer sent out an email letting everyone know we would be taking updated photos for our website. In this email, she included a school photo that the cofounder mistakenly thought was me in middle school. I took the photo, added a beard, and responded that I actually had a beard in middle school. Everyone had a good laugh and I thought it would be funny to do that to other coworkers throw back thursday photos, and so, Kids with Beards was born."

    And boy, are we happy it was. Below are some of his masterpieces.

    1. Justin and Ryan look adorable with beards...

    2. And look at this tiny version of Aziz Ansari...

    3. Is it me, or does Ryan Seacrest look like Seth Rogen?

    4. Why so confused Jaden?

    5. Not even the First Lady is safe from getting the beard treatment:

    6. We are glad that you shaved that beard before starting the Tonight Show dear Jimmy:

    7. Brad Pitt is cute... No... Matter... What.

    8. Perfectly trimmed bear for Mr. Jay Z:

    According to D'avella the images typically take between 15-30 minutes to make.

    "We receive a few submissions each day and I was fortunate to have so many siblings (6) and co-workers who desperately wanted to have a kid beard."

    Here are some of the less known but equally adorable siblings and coworkers with beards:

    9. That beard must take a lot of work to shape:

    10. Awwwww:

    11. This dude rocks his onesie like no one else.

    12. It runs in the family:

    13. This kid is looking a lot like Santa:

    As for who he's looking to put on a beard next D'Avella thinks that "Baby Mindy Kaling can pull off a level of sophistication and worldliness that has long since only been relegated to the likes of Mandy Patinkin and roadside pie vendors in the Amish Country."

    All we have to say is: OMG PLEASE DO IT.

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