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Royal Dutch Airlines Just Sent The Most Brutal Tweet About Mexico's Devastating World Cup Loss

Nice try, but the photo has an insensitive surprise.

After Netherlands beat Mexico in the last minute, advancing to quarter finals, the Royal Dutch Airlines Twitter account tweeted the following image:

They even thought it appropriate to add a guy with a mustache and a sombrero.

Did @KLM's social media team photoshop the little mariachi guy onto the sign really quick?

As expected, this "joke" was not taken lightly by Mexico fans.

How many players did you see wearing sombrero and bigotes? Fuck you, @KLM.

But Americans who care about the Redskins name won't care about @KLM's tweet because, you know, Mexico.

Hi, @KLM CM. Very funny. You know what? In Mexico are quite amused by your sense of humour.

Probably good thing Air France KLM's office in Mexico City is closed right now.

Solid trolling by KLM. What would have AeroMexico done? Have a stick figure of a very tall person on their sign?

What kind of an icon will @KLM tweet if the Netherlands knocks an African country out of the #worldcup? #klm #nedmex

Not cool KLM, not cool.

Update: The original tweet has been deleted.

...So bad that @KLM just deleted the tweet. Now, how about an apology to Mexico and @MiSeleccionMx__, who almost defeated #NED?

And Mexican airline AeroMexico responded with class.

Gracias por este gran campeonato, estamos orgullosos y los esperamos en casa #VivaMéxico