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22 Reasons You Should Be In Chile Right Now

Chi chi chi le le le. Vi-va Chile.

Hi, welcome to Chile: a fantastic coast against the Pacific Ocean and with Argentina behind the Andes.

I guess you remember Chile from the 33 miners that were rescued in 2010.

1. EVERYTHING comes with avocado and mayo. Everything.

2. Their version of the hot dog is way superior to anywhere else.

3. And, well, there's also the Piscola.

4. Don't freak out if someone offers you an earthquake:

5. And when it's dessert time there will always be manjar. Think caramel, but better.

6. All those Spanish classes won't help at all because they speak something totally different. Like, totally.

7. You can find everything in Chile: quiet beaches, like Zapallar.

8. You can go skiing an hour away from the capital.

9. If you go to Aysén, you'll find these:

10. And if you head a little bit south you'll get to see the eighth wonder of the world:

11. Up north, you can find the Atacama Desert, where the sky looks like magic:

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12. Now you know where to find these dudes:

13. If you go to Punta de Choros, you'll probably be able to see dolphins:

14. And they even have their own little Niagara: El Salto del Laja.

15. Everyone's proud of him, and he steals sighs from many.

16. And Chilean women... Well...

17. Although no one can beat the cutest animal ever: the pudú!

18. That kid you love from Barcelona F.C.? Yup, he's Chilean.

19. They love music and partying all year long...

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That's why Chile is for the fourth consecutive time the host of Lollapalooza. It was also the first country to host it outside of the U.S.

20. The economy is stable and the country is growing:

21. Even though the ground shakes very often, Chileans won't tumble over.

22. Because above all, Chileans are pure love, and when you need them, they are there.

Have any doubts about that?

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