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21 Reasons Why You Need To Move To Uruguay In 2014

Looking for a new adventure? Maybe you should head down south.

Here's Uruguay, right next to Argentina and Brazil.

1. They have the BEST President ever.

He's considered the 'poorest President' because he donates 90 percent of his salary to those in need.

He and his wife are super chill.

His speeches are always pure perfection.

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"To live you need freedom, and to have freedom you need time."

No, really, he's the coolest President.

2. It was once dubbed "the Switzerland of America," mainly for its banking stability.

3. Education is free and secular.

4. Same sex marriage is legal - and celebrated.

5. So is marijuana.

6. It is one of the VERY few countries in Latin America where abortion is legal.

7. The opposition to the abortion law wanted a referendum but less than 10% of the population supported it so the law was maintainted.

8. Its beaches are one of the best kept secrets in South America.

9. But there's more to see than just sand... Uruguay is one of the leading meat producers in the world, as that is its main industry.

10. It's estimated that there are 3.5 cows per every person in the country.

11. You will hardly ever be stuck in a traffic jam.

12. They have a replacement for coffee: It's called mate and it will amp you up when you drink it.

13. There's a little town called Cabo Polonio where there's no electricity ON PURPOSE. Perfect place to get over your Instagram addiction, huh?

14. But if you're looking for less silence, Punta del Este is considered one of the best party cities in the world.

15. Their music will get you out of any chair.

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Hit play and test yourself.

16. And they definitely know how to party...

17. They not only hosted the first World Cup but also won it. And they're hoping to win again next year.

They have so much confidence they'll win that when they qualified they made fun of Brazil.

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Because why not?

18. It's a fantastic place to buy cheap and beautiful antiques.

19. Uruguayan men are a very well kept secret. Just look at Forlan's abs...

20. And so are Uruguayan women, like Natalia Oreiro.

21. But above all, they're considered the nicest and warmest people in South America.