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23 Reasons Why Greg Bretz Should Be Your Valentine This Year

Move along Shaun White. This 23-year-old snowboarder is the only thing you'll need to stay warm this valentine's day.

Meet Greg Bretz:

1. He looks adorable with all his gear on:

2. And even more so with helmet hair...

3. He's not afraid of selfies!

4. Nor is he afraid of telling the world how much he loves his dad.

5. He can fly up high on his board:

6. ... Or without it.

7. And then act like a goofball with no regrets:

8. That smile...

9. He has, by far, the best fashion sense out there...

10. When he sees a great photo op he snaps away...

11. He makes friends wherever he goes! (Even four legged ones).

Camo the dog helps us slip the pipe for a night session

12. He has a huge, HUGE, heart...

13. *Speechless*

14. You can take him golfing with your dad:

15. When summer comes you'll be having as much fun as during the winter if you tag along his side.

16. The love he has for his little sister is just adooooorable:

17. And likewise towards his friends:

18. No need to hide your bad hair days, he has them too!

This is my "just got an amazing massage" hairdoo

19. He can teleport!!!! (Jk, but he knows how to Vine ;))

20. You'll get to travel with him around the world:

21. The kid knows how to ride:

22. The only valuable object he'll ever shatter is his iPhone, not your heart.

23. And he just happens to be friends with Shaun White, the second-hottest snowboarder.

So, wanna be his valentine?