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26 Pictures That Will Make Everything Okay

Because it's the little things in life that truly make us happy.

1. These perfectly smooth pancakes.

2. This stream of water that knows exactly where it has to go.

3. The way the pizza box fits in this microwave.

4. And the only possible way to fit these medications in their case.

5. The perfect hiding place for this cat.

6. And also the one for this owl.

7. The most perfect sandwich in the history of all sandwiches.

8. This can fitting *perfectly* in a glass.

9. The snow covering this table.

10. The beauty that is this packaged watermelon.

11. The most orderly gummy bears in the world.

12. This.

13. This glass that was made for exactly this:

14. Kudos to this cook.

15. This little truck in action.

16. This snake who's just following the path.

17. The power outlet that was made just for your Mac charger.

18. This beautiful DVD collection.

19. The way that these lemons and ice cubes decide to share space.

20. The absolute genius who folded these T-shirts.

21. This beautifully delicious ice cream cone.

22. The way that these chocolates line up perfectly.

23. And the way these vegetables do.

24. How the lines of this tie continue perfectly from the knot.

25. These gum packages.

26. And this car's gas tank, which completely understands your inner perfectionist.

This post was translated from Spanish.