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Jan 13, 2015

8 Differences Between Breaking Up At 18, 25, And 30 Years Old

Because we've all gotten our heart broken at some point.

1. When your S.O. says, "We need to talk":

At 18: You hyperventilate until you pass out.

At 25: You kinda suspect what's coming but would rather wait to hear it out.

At 30: Oh, you know.

2. Where you meet:

At 18: Your parents' house.

At 25: In a coffee shop.

At 30: "Uhm, did I just get dumped via text?"

3. Before you meet:

At 18: You practice all you need to say so you don't forget key parts.

At 25: You go in with an open mind about being able to talk and discuss things.

At 30: You relax with liquid courage.

4. After meeting up:

At 18: You cry.

At 25: You cry.

At 30: You cry.

5. Social networks:

At 18: You make sure everyone knows what's up.

At 25: You spill your feelings into loooooong emails to close friends.

At 30: Nope.

6. What your friends say:

At 18: "You''ll find someone better — he wasn't worth it."

At 25: "I'll introduce you to someone you'll absolutely love."

At 30: "Life goes on."

7. Memories:

At 18: You keep everything in a box, including that dirty T-shirt they left in your room that one time.

At 25: You keep only what's important.

At 30: You get rid of everything. Time for a new life.

8. Time it takes to get over the breakup:

At 18: You probably already have a replacement.

At 25: More than what you'd like to admit.

At 30: You know that in a way, you'll never get over it.

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