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    Meet The Venezuelan Journalist Who Quit On Camera Due To Censorship

    More than 50 employees have left the local network after it was sold to businessmen with close government ties.

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    Venezuelan journalist Reimy Chavez decided to quit during the live broadcast of Globovision's newscast last Wednesday. He stated that his reasons were beyond his control and arose because "differences of standards" with the network. Including Chavez, more than 50 employees have quit or have been fired since the channel was sold to businessmen close to the government.

    Fusion reached out to Chavez, who explained he indeed quit and was not fired.

    Fusion: Why did you decide to quit?

    Chavez: Because I ran out of patience, with the way things were done over there. They were doing lots of things I was taught not to do in journalism school.

    Chavez also told Fusion's correspondent that there is censorship at Globovision, with words like "repression," "barricades," and "food shortages" prohibited from being mentioned. The journalist also believes that Globovision has become pro-government due to the lack of balance in their coverage.

    Read the full interview with Chavez here.

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