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    Meet The Hottest Cop Ever

    Sir, you can pull me over any time you want.

    His name is Sergio Ramirez and he works as a transit cop in Guadalajara, Mexico.

    He's 30 years old and looks badass AF in his motorcycle.

    His hot bod has given him the nickname of Mexican He-Man.

    And to make things even better, he is part of the local police acrobatics squad.

    Facebook: 1683757305241304


    He's even got his own Facebook fan club where you can see him in action.

    Facebook: video.php

    And because of all this attention he's become a local celeb.

    "These three days have been the happiest of my life" he said when asked about the attention he's gotten on social media.

    Will we see him modeling any time soon? We certainly hope so.

    ~ SWOON ~

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