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    Meet The Best Looking Fox Of Instagram

    He's traveling around the world making friends on Instagram.

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    Meet Julio:

    David Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

    He's just the coolest fox on Instagram.

    He's been traveling the world meeting awesome Instagrammers.

    Julio is a creation of Lucas Warat and Agustin Gotlib, both Argentine, who wanted to bring the Instagram community around the world closer together. They visited BuzzFeed and told us a little bit more about their project.

    How did you come up with the idea of Julio?

    We had already planned our trip and we knew the people that we wanted to visit, but we wanted to tell a story. So we came up with the idea of having this antisocial fox that walks around the streets of Argentina by himself, and then thanks to Instagram he begins to share his adventure with other people.

    The initial idea was to have a wolf because he's a pack animal and we wanted to do something along those lines. But we went for a fox because they are lonely animals.

    Where did you get the fox mask?

    A friend of ours that does puppets and things like that for ads helped us. We didn't want to buy a mask in a costume store! In the beginning what he created was too scary, so we had to work with him on that. Now, seeing the mask on a table is kind of scary, but when you put it on it looks much more fun.

    What have been the best reactions towards Julio?

    A lot of people ask us if they can put on the mask. Old people grab it on the street and start playing with it, children tend to get scared.

    In airports security guards always open the bag and ask us what is this all about, but everyone ends up laughing at it.

    Once when we were flying from São Paulo to Madrid the airline lost our bags, with Julio in them. We were two days without Julio and we were desperate. We asked our network of people to help us complain on social networks and some people actually thought this was part of our adventure. After two days of being lost, we got Julio back and he was all torn apart, so we had to fix him. It was terrible, but he survived.

    Why the name Julio?

    My grandfather (Agustin) was named Julio.

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