Mattel Launched Mariachi Barbie And This Is What She Looks Like

Mariachi Barbie is Mattel’s improvement on last year’s Chihuahua-toting version.

1. For its “Dolls Of The World” collection, Mattel has created Barbies that represent different cultures and countries around the world.

Mattel / Via

2. This year’s doll for Mexico is dressed in a full mariachi outfit.

Mattel / Via

3. As the website describes, “Barbie wears a fitted black bolero jacket and cropped trousers trimmed in intricate golden brocade that mirrors the pattern on her impressive, wide-brimmed sombrero.”

Mattel / Via

4. “Flourishes include a brilliant pink tie, low ponytail and tall black boots,” it concludes.

Mattel / Via

5. On social media people seemed to be divided as to whether this Barbie is a good idea or not.

Omg @ this "mariachi" Barbie holy shit.

— practicing bisexual (@businessqueer)

@LatinoUSA so great to see that in a Barbie... It can get kids talking abt mariachi music, provides an opp to have a discussion.

— Diana aka LadydeeLG (@dianalimongi)

8. This is not the first Mexico doll that Mattel has included in its collection. Previous versions include Barbie holding a passport and a Chihuahua, Barbie wearing a colorful fiesta dress, and the first “Mexican Barbie.”




9. Felix Sanchez, chairman of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, said he has no problem with the new depiction.

“Well at least she’s not coming off as sexy Latina Barbie, spinning on a pedestal,” he said, referring to Sofia Vergara’s panned Emmys skit. “This is an image that does exist. It helps us embrace toy making in a way that makes it relevant and authentic.”

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