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22 Things That Happen When You Are Friends With A Bartender

"Could you make my martini extra dirrrrrty please?"

1. Suddenly you're drinking every day of the week.

2. You end up trying new drinks just because they made them for you.

3. And end up loving all of them.

4. They know what your favorite drink is.

5. And people get jealous that you don't even have to order it.

6. Whenever there is no plan you drag your friends to *your* bar.

7. And if you do have plans you make sure to make a pitstop for at least one drink.

8. You know their schedule by heart.

9. You always give them a nice tip.

10. You make sure to look "effortlessly nice" when you go to their bar.

11. You have mastered the "look at me" look.

12. You know their signature look behind the bar.

13. And your phone is filled with photos like this one.

14. When they start talking to someone else you can't help but get jealous.

15. Although YOU KNOW that's what they are supposed to do.

16. There will always be a stool waiting for your buttcheeks to be parked.

17. They were there to lift your spirits* when you got your heart broken.

18. And also to celebrate* when you got a promotion.

19. They pamper you like no one else can.

20. You see them so often that they notice when you do something to your hair.

21. They know very personal details about your life.

22. You bring your dates to the bar because if they suck, at least you have your dudes to hang out with.

So cheers to you, sexy drink-makers.