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Life Changes Between Ages 18, 25 And 30

Things get better. Right? RIGHT?

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1. Getting ready:

At 18: Starts getting ready at 6pm to go out at 8pm.

At 25: Starts getting ready at 7pm to go out at 8pm.


At 30: Realizes at 10pm that you were supposed to meet up for drinks at 9pm but you are just too comfortable at home now to leave.

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2. Going out:

At 18: Staying out until the party is over.


At 25: Have a couple of drinks and that's it.

MTV / Via

At 30: Going out? Lol.

Disney / Via

3. Drink of choice:

At 18: Shots! Shots! Shots!


At 25: Vodka soda, to keep the calories down.

NBC / Via

At 30: Whatever drink that does NOT have shitty alcohol or your head will hurt for a month.

4. Party agenda:

At 18: Go out on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Cartoon Network / Via

At 25: As long as you get four or five hours sleep you are good to go.

NBC / Via

At 30: Go out on a weekday? Lol. No.

BBC / Via

5. Dinner:

At 18: Pizza and ice cream.

FOX / Via

At 25: Leftovers and wine.

At 30: Whatever is good for your acid reflux but also low in calories and maybe gluten free just in case.


6. Savings:

At 18: Spends everything on fashion.

WeHeartIt / Via

At 25: Spends everything on drinks and dinner.

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At 30: Has no money to spend after paying off a mortgage and college loans and 401k.

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7. Texting your crush:

At 18: Types and deletes message for 6 hours.

Apple / Via

At 25: Sends screenshots to friend, they all decide together what to reply.

FOX / Via

At 30: "U up?"

MTV / Via

8. Work:

At 18: Takes an unpaid internship over the summer for the ~experience~.

ABC / Via

At 25: Takes a job that pays.

Regency / Via

At 30: Takes a job that has health insurance, stock options, matching 401k, flexible hours, allowed to work remote and allows a life-work balance.

Fox 2000 Pictures / Via

9. Relationship with parents:

At 18: "I hate you, you will never understand me."

MTV / Via

At 25: "You guys are the best!"

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