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    Posted on Oct 7, 2013

    7 Latin American Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now

    Are you in need of new tunes to listen to? Here are some amazing bands from Latin America that we think you'll enjoy a lot.

    Carla Morrison [Mexico]

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    This 27 year old artist has been called the 'Mexican Adele' because of her endless songs about love and heart break. So if you feel like crying but can't stand "Someone Like You" anymore, Carla has got your back.

    Morrison has six studio albums which made her won two Latin Grammy Awards in 2010.

    Bicicletas [Argentina]

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    Together since 2001, Bicicletas has been the opening act for bands like Roger Waters and Arctic Monkeys.

    They have six album studios. The most recent album "Cubiertas" is packed with covers from classic Latin American bands such as Cafe Tacuba and Os Paralamas.

    No Te Va Gustar [Uruguay]

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    Although this band's name translates to 'you won't like it' we're pretty sure you will. They've been together since 1994 when most of its members were only 16 years old. Their style is a mix of ska, salsa, reggae and a bit of candombe.

    When asked about the origins of the name the band says they had a previous name that was terrible - and won't say what it was - all they've ever mentioned about it is that people probably wouldn't have liked it.

    Gusttavo Lima [Brazil]

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    Although his real name is Nivaldo Batista Lima, everyone in Brazil knows this 24 year old singer for his stage name: Gusttavo Lima.

    If you feel you've heard his music before it might be because he has already toured the US.

    Hit play and try not to bob you head, just try.

    Astro [Chile]

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    NPR chose Astro's first studio album as one of the 50 albums of 2012 adding that "listening to Astro is like a vacation."

    Their electro-pop style has gotten them compared to MGMT and is sure to get your feet moving.

    The band made their US debut at SXSW in 2012 and was called Chile's "most hipster band" by ABC.

    Aterciopelados [Colombia]

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    Although Aterciopelados has been writing hits since 1992, their music never gets old. But music is not the only thing they do well; The UN has has honored the band for their work against violence in Colombia.

    The band has eight studio albums of which the last one was recorded in 2008.

    Mary's Deaf Dog [Peru]

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    When trying to describe the style of this Peruvian band, which debuted their first album earlier this year, one can say it is a mix of Mars Volta + Nine Inch Nails + Arcade Fire + post grunge.

    Although they've been together since 2006 it took them seven years to release their first album, which is available to download for free on their website.

    According to the band they don't want to be cornered into one genre only and consider their songs a mix of blues, funk, folk, metal and progressive rock.