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    19 Times Gringos Got Colombia Wrong


    By now, you've probably already read that Adidas launched a campaign for Colombia's new jersey that was...well...grammatically incorrect.

    But this isn't the first time that Colombia has been misspelled Columbia.

    See, for example, this recent graphic from the Indy 500 race.

    Or Call of Duty.

    Even the "World's Best Gymnastics Camp" can't get it right.

    Hotels get it wrong all the time.

    Target and its delicious Ivy League coffee...right?

    C'mon Copa America, not you as well.

    You'd think news outlets would get geography right, right? WRONG.

    And we all remember this...

    TV shows are not exempt.


    Nope. Wrong.

    It'll be really hard to book that trip to tropical Columbia.

    [Cries in Spanish]

    Even Harvard Business School got it wrong. SMDH.


    They got every capital/country right except for...yup.

    So repeat after me...

    And maybe consider getting one of these t-shirts.