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    I Saw Phish For The First Time And Here's What Happened

    Spoiler: I loved it.

    First things first: I have to admit I had never even considered liking Phish before, and I wasn't at all familiar with their music.

    When my boyfriend and our group of friends suggested that we should all go together to Magnaball, Phish's tenth festival, I decided to join more for the experience than the music. In retrospect, it was probably the best decision of my life. The trick was to surrender to the flow.

    1. The scene was breathtaking.

    2. And there were tons of things to do while the band wasn't playing.

    3. Camping was well organized, comfortable and safe.

    4. Phish has the friendliest phans.

    5. And they went all out.

    6. It was so easy to trip.

    7. There was plenty of good beer to be drank.

    8. The crowd's energy was beyond contagious.

    9. My favorite set, by far, was the day set.

    10. Getting out to the camps after sets was a bit claustrophobic.

    11. But the clean up crew was amazing.

    12. Even when the band wasn't playing there was plenty of music to groove to.

    13. There was a club inside the concert which was both cool and obnoxious.

    14. And I felt the same about the laboratory.

    15. Waiting in line for the ferris wheel was TOTALLY worth it.

    16. The mounted cops were pretty freaking awesome and helpful.

    17. The festival was packed with families which made it adorable.

    18. A couple got married there!

    19. The vendor's food was delicious.

    20. Especially the free Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

    21. And the idea of having a farmer's market inside was brilliant.


    23. And obviously, GLOWSTICK WARS!

    24. There was a secret message and the reveal was very disappointing.

    25. And the secret set was shorter than expected but super cool.

    26. I came out of the weekend having some favorite tunes.

    27. Did I mention the glowsitcks already?

    28. The firework ending was nothing like I've ever seen before.

    Until the next one, Phish.