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    21 Latino Actors That Should Be Taking Over Hollywood

    Did someone say eye candy? Besides being incredibly hot, these actors are super talented.

    1. Diego Boneta

    2. Cauã Reymond

    3. William Levy

    Is from: Cuba

    Works in: Mexico

    Claim to fame: Mexican novelas and ABC's Dancing With The Stars

    Fun fact: He's set to make his American movie debut with two feature films being released in 2014. The first is a Bille Woodruff movie titled Addicted, the second a Tyler Perry film titled Single Moms Club.

    4. Rodrigo Santoro

    Is from: Brazil

    Works in: U.S.

    Claim to Fame: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

    Fun fact: After his "big break" in American cinema back in 2003, Santoro has also appeared in Love Actually, the popular TV series Lost, and the epic Spartan feature 300.

    5. Benjamin Vicuña

    Is from: Chile

    Works in: Chile/Argentina/Spain

    Claim to fame: Chilean TV

    Fun fact: He's married to Argentine super model Pampita. Together they make the hottest couple of the Southern Hemisphere.

    6. Gael García Bernal

    Is from: Mexico

    Works in: Mexico and U.S.

    Claim to fame: Y Tu Mamá Tambien

    Fun fact: Although he has appeared in a few American films such as The King and Babel, Bernal is considered cinema royalty in his home country of Mexico, where he has completed most of his work. Also, he married Argentine actress Dolores Fonzi, so he's huge there too.

    7. Edgar Ramirez

    Is from: Venezuela

    Works in: Venezuela and U.S.

    Claim to fame: Carlos

    Fun fact: Ramirez won a César Award for his work in the French-German biopic series Carlos. He's also appeared in big Hollywood blockbusters such as Zero Dark Thirty, Vantage Point, and The Bourne Ultimatum.

    8. Leonardo Sbaraglia

    Is from: Argentina

    Works in: Argentina and Mexico

    Claim to fame: Clave de Sol

    Fun fact: In an interview he admitted to regretting not accepting a part in Nueve Reinas, one of Argentina's most famous movies.

    9. Diego Luna

    10. Manolo Cardona

    Is from: Colombia

    Works in: Colombia

    Claim to fame: La Mujer De Mi Hermano

    Fun fact: Cardona has been in the limelight ever since he was little. He began as a child model, and then broke into the Colombian television scene around age 18. He also made his American film debut in 2008 with Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

    11. Seu Jorge

    Is from: Brazil

    Works in: Brazil

    Claim to fame: Cidade de Deus

    Fun fact: In addition to being an actor in Brazil, Seu Jorge is also a very well known and respected musician. He's been successful in television, cinema, and music since the '90s, and he's still going strong.

    12. Cristián de la Fuente

    Is from: Chile

    Works in: Chile

    Claim to fame: Chilean television and soap operas.

    Fun fact: Fuente hosted the 12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2011, and has appeared twice on the big screen in the United States: alongside John Travolta in Basic and with Sylvester Stallone in Driven. Aside from acting, he served in the Chilean Air Force and has a degree in civil engineering.

    13. Gonzalo Valenzuela

    14. Pablo Echarri

    Is from: Argentina

    Works in: Argentina and Spain

    Claim to fame: El Desvío

    Fun fact: He's such a big fan of the Argentine soccer team Independiente, that he invited the club's president to his wedding.

    15. Demian Bichir

    Is from: Mexico

    Works in: Mexico and U.S.

    Claim to fame: A Better Life

    Fun fact: Bichir was nominated for an Oscar in 2011 for his critically acclaimed role in A Better Life. Most recently we've seen him as a lead character in the TV show The Bridge. Also, before breaking into American cinema, Bichir did theatre as a child in his home country.

    16. Joaquín Furriel

    17. Roberto Manrique

    Is from: Ecuador

    Works in: Ecuador and Colombia

    Claim to fame: Ecuadorian telenovelas

    Fun fact: He founded an advertising agency that he closed before becoming a model and actor.

    18. Eduardo Verásategui

    Is from: Mexico

    Works in: Mexico and U.S.

    Claim to fame: Chasing Papi

    Fun fact: He co-founded the production company called Metanoia Films and was a member of the band Kairo.

    19. Jesus Luz

    Is from: Brazil

    Works in: Brazil and U.S.

    Claim to fame: Madonna

    Fun fact: Aside from formerly dating the Queen of Pop, Luz is a successful Brazilian model who slowly transitioned into acting. His most recent role was in the Brazilian TV series Guerra dos Sexos. He's also a DJ.

    20. Julián Gil

    Is from: Argentina

    Works from: Puerto Rico and U.S.

    Claim to fame: Telenovelas

    Fun fact: He holds the world record for most hours spent liveon the air. In October 2004, he went on the air for 30 hours straight. Also, he used to be a model... in case you couldn't tell.

    21. Omar Avila