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    23 Easy Tricks To Baby Proof Your House For The Holidays

    Turns out you're one of the few in your group of friends without kids. Now you've invited your gang (kids included) to your place: Here's all you need to know to make sure everyone is safe, including yourself.

    1. Put some stickers on glass doors.

    2. Lie on the floor and check if there's anything a kid could pick up and swallow.

    3. Make sure all the plants you have are ok for kids to touch.

    Unlike these ones.

    4. Move your couches away from your windows.

    5. Tie in a knot all the plastic bags you have lying around.

    6. Invest in toilet lid locks...

    7. Keep all of these out of reach.

    They come with warnings for a reason.

    8. Make sure you don't have anything like this in the living room...

    9. And if you do: Cover electrical outlets so no one can stick their fingers in them!

    10. Eat. All. Of. These. Before.

    11. Turn down the water temperature on your water heater...

    12. Make sure you don't leave anything lying around on the stairs, someone might trip!

    13. Corners are evil. Cover them all!

    This will help you avoid scratches, bumps and crying. Especially crying.

    14. Use doorknob covers for rooms you don't want kids to have access to.

    15. Since we're talking about doors: Make sure this is securely locked.

    16. Take your guests' coats into a different room so kids don't pull on them and get hit by toppling chairs.

    17. Consider investing in one of these....

    18. Turn the handles of pots and pans toward the back of the stove or counter.

    19. Magnets are really easy to choke on. Remove!

    20. Don't allow kids to play around you when you're cooking.

    21. Put some slip-proof mats under your rugs.

    22. All of these must be out.

    23. Clean up. Clean up. CLEAN UP.

    You're ready to enjoy the party!