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8 Ways Sex Is Different At Ages 18, 25, And 30

SPOILER: It gets better with age. ;) ;)

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1. Foreplay:

At 18: Foreplay? What's that?

At 25: You've got some tricks up your sleeve.


2. Underwear:

At 18: The faster it's off, the better.

At 25: You have the perfect pair of lingerie ready to go.

At 30: Whatever you're wearing at the time.

3. Level of awkwardness:

At 18: Almost totally awkward.

At 25: Nothing that some alcohol won't fix.

At 30: You've got this.

4. Frequency:

At 18: He wants to do it all the time.

At 25: All the time you spend together is for that.

At 30: She wants to do it more than him.

5. Times in one night:

At 18: All the times that is physically possible.

At 25: Two or three and then spooning.

At 30: Once, but pretty damn mind-blowing.

6. Where:

At 18: In your parents' house, hiding.

At 25: Anywhere, and if there's a chance of getting caught, even better.

At 30: In the comfort of your bed.

7. Duration:

At 18: Five minutes.

At 25: Fifteen minutes, including the cigarette after.

At 30: Thirty minutes.

8. Expectations:

At 18: You'll spend the rest of your lives together after this.

At 25: Maybe you guys can live together at some point?

At 30: Just being together right now.

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