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11 Differences Between Being In A Relationship At 18, 25, And 30

We get better with age...right?

1. Meeting people:

At 18: You're probably in the same class.

At 25: At a party that you crashed with all of your friends.

At 30: Tinder.

2. Flirting:

At 18: Everything goes.

At 25: You've got game.

At 30: How did you do this?

3. First date:

At 18: Going to the movies is the best plan.

At 25: You go to the hippest bar.

At 30: Any place with alcohol, lots of alcohol.

4. The rest of your dates:

At 18: They are all new and fun adventures.

At 25: You go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite food.

At 30: Why leave the house when we've got ice cream?

5. First time:

At 18: No one really knows what's happening exactly.

At 25: You're wearing your best underwear.

At 30: You know what you want and how you want it.

6. Meeting the parents:

At 18: They are friends with your parents, couldn't be easier.

At 25: It's the most important day of the year and you are panicking.

At 30: You meet them at the wedding...YOUR wedding.

7. PDA on social networks:

At 18: Everyone needs to know absolutely everything that happens.

At 25: You flirt by faving.

At 30: LOL.

8. Cuddling:

At 18: It's hard to fall asleep while doing it.

At 25: There's nothing better to do than to spoon.

At 30: Not doing it is not an option.

9. Future together:

At 18: You know how many kids you're having and have names for all of them.

At 25: You plan trips together.

At 30: You plan what you're having for dinner...tonight.

10. Breaking up:

At 18: You cry day and night and swear never to love someone so much.

At 25: Your friends keep you company until you feel better.

At 30: Nothing that a drink can't fix.

11. Getting over your ex:

At 18: You keep everything in a box under your bed and cry rereading love notes.

At 25: You stay sane by repeating that what will be will be.

At 30: Who?

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