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16 Brazilian Snacks That Will Make Your Sweet Tooth Go Crazy

Stay away from these if you're on a diet. Although you'll probably regret it.

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1. Brigadeiro:

Alberto Ferreira Chagas/Alberto Ferreira Chagas

What is it: Condensed milk mixed with powder chocolate powder and then slowly warmed into a thick sticky paste. To turn the paste into a ball you have to cover your hands in butter and roll the paste between the two. Once made into balls they are covered in chocolate sprinkles.

Level of sugary-ness: 7/10


6. Beijinho:

Flickr: bibi

What is it: Can be considered the cousin of Brigadeiro since its preparation is very similar. Made with condensed milk and coconut, once the thick paste is made into little balls it is usually then rolled over white sugar.

Level of sugary-ness: 6/10

7. Tapioca:


What is it: It is a type of flour with which you make pancakes. This means you can actually do sweet or salty treats with it, although sweet ones are more common. You can add condensed milk, Nutella, or anything that rocks your boat.

Level of sugary-ness: 3/10


14. Pamonha:

Flickr: lucianaueda

What is it: The dough is made out of green corn, which in itself is not that sweet. However, you can throw anything you want on top of it, including sugar, condensed milk and cinnamon.

Level of sugary-ness: Up to you/10

15. Bolo de Rolo:

Flickr: gjofili

What is it: The cake-batter is made with flour, eggs, sugar and butter and spread into a thing layer. It is then covered with melted guava and rolled into deliciousness.

Level of sugary-ness: 3/10