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    #NiUnaMenos Rallies Twitter Users In Argentina For A March To Condemn Violence Against Women

    "Not even one woman." The march is set for June 3 at Argentina's National Congress in Buenos Aires.

    After a string of high profile incidents of domestic violence, culminating in the recent death of a 14-year-old pregnant girl at the hands of her boyfriend, Argentine people are being summoned via Twitter to march against femicide this June.

    1. #NiUnaMenos means "Not even one woman [killed]".

    3 de junio. Plaza Congreso. Basta de femicidios. #NiUnaMenos

    June 3. Congress Square. Stop femicide.


    #NiUnaMenos el 3/6 en el congreso!

    #NiUnaMenis, 06/03 at Congress!


    #NiUnaMenos No es crimen pasional. No es violencia de género. Es machismo y mata.

    #NiUnaMenos is not a passion-driven crime. It's not gender violence. It is machismo and it kills.


    La violencia deja marcas. No verlas deja femicidios. #NiUnaMenos Miércoles 3/6 a las 17 en el Congreso. Vení.

    Violence leaves a trace. Ignoring the trace brings femicide.
    Wednesday 06/03 at 5pm at Congress. Come.


    Let's cover the city with posters. #Niunamenos.


    Me sumo y apoyo la convocatoria. #NiUnaMenos #BastaDeFemicidios El 3/6 estaremos en el Congreso

    Stop femicides. #NiUnaMenos

    I join and I support the march. #Niunamenos
    On 06/03 we will be at the Congress.


    Nos organizamos para marchar por #NiUnaMenos. ¿Te sumás? ¡Corré la voz!

    If you kill a woman, there will be a thousand of us, women, organizing ourselves.

    We are organizing ourselves to march #NiUnaMenos... are you joining us? Spread the word!


    Femicidios: la violencia que no cesa. ¡La tenemos que parar! #NiUnaMenos @andreadatri

    Femicide: The violence that doesn't stop. We have to make it stop!


    Para que esto nunca suceda. O que no suceda nunca más. El 3/6 a las 17 en el Congreso. #NiUnaMenos

    So that this doesn't happen. Or that it doesn't happen again, ever. On 06/03 at Congress. #NiUnaMenos.




    Every 32 hours a woman dies due to gender violence.


    #NiUnaMenos 3 de junio 17hs plaza congreso

    This is not love.


    BASTA!!!! #NiUnaMenos .El 3/6 a las 17hs todos al Congreso. RT x favor

    "Don't you dare hit me, ever. Let's not tolerate abusers."


    Como nadie les va a pedir perdón y por sentirme avergonzado por los femicidios que ocurren, en nombre del hombre pido perdón y #NiUnaMenos

    Since nobody will ask for forgiveness and for feeling ashamed as a man and femicide, on behalf of men I say I am sorry and #NiUnaMenos.

    The date is Wednesday June 3 at Argentina's National Congress in Buenos Aires.