Aerosmith Hung Out With Uruguay's President

    The band asked to meet with Pepe Mujica personally because they're huge fans of him. They even gave Mujica an autographed guitar.

    Jose Alberto Mujica - best known as Pepe - has been the Uruguayan president since 2010. In the 60s he was part of the guerrilla and served 14 years in military prison.

    He has been described as "the world's 'poorest' president" for donating most of his salary to charities. In a video interview Steven Tyler praised him for this and questioned how much better the world would be if we could trade all guns for guitars.

    Mujica admitted having no idea who the band was and has never heard any of their songs. Still, he was very enthusiastic holding the guitar, which he said will be raffled to raise money to build homes.

    Tyler told the press he believes Mujica is the best president in the Americas. "Your president fights for freedom, and we also fight for freedom through music."

    Mujica wins again in life.