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29 Heartbreaking Images From The Protests In Venezuela

Protests have been taking place for over a week and are still going strong.

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Venezuelans have been protesting President Nicolas Maduro's government for over a week now.

According to opposition leader Leopoldo López, all the problems the country has been facing — shortages, inflation, insecurity, the lack of opportunities — are a result of Maduro's government.

Social media platforms have allegedly been blocked by Maduro's government and international media outlets have been attacked.

At least five people have been killed during the protests so far.



Opposition supporter Genesis Carmona is evacuated on a motorcycle after being shot in the head during a protest against Nicolas Maduro's government. She died shortly after.


Jorge Silva / Reuters

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López gets into a National Guard armored vehicle. Lopez, wanted on charges of fomenting deadly violence, handed himself over to security forces.


The Associated Press

A student from Alejandro Humboldt University holds up a sign that reads in Spanish "And who has the weapons?" as she shouts slogans against Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro.

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