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8 Millie Bobby Brown-Approved Looks For Whoever You're Going To Be This Year

Styling yourself has always been your best subject, tbh.

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It's back-to-school time, aka time to reinvent your style based on who you wanna be this year. Let's get started!

1. The Sporty Sweetheart

Adding a pop of pastel is an easy way to infuse a comfy, sporty outfit with some softness. A cozy lilac crewneck sweatshirt paired with flattering black leggings leaves the accessorizing to your imagination!

2. The Artsy Girl Obsessed With Pastel Pops

Rebel against a typically moody artist's style palette and get expressive with color! Salmon low-top sneakers will invite tons of ballpoint pen customization, and a cozy pastel crewneck sweatshirt is the perfect backdrop for awesome handmade necklaces.

3. The Class Clown

OK, so school may not be the most thrilling at all times, but you get through it with a sense of humor and a sense of style. A classic Converse tee paired with bold teal low-top sneakers will get you through the day.

4. The Chillest Kid in Class

Sticking to the classics and pairing them with a laid-back attitude is the key to embodying chillness. A classic Converse tee paired with comfy black joggers is the look.

5. The Cheerleader Who’s Wild About School Spirit

If luxe is your look, revel in the fact that you can flawlessly weave sumptuous patterns and fabrics into a look that'll help you kick butt on or off the field: A leopard print crew paired with shimmery suede high-tops looks adorable with a burgundy backpack that has tons of room for your stuff.

6. The Class Creative

Infusing creative personality with personal style really just comes down to wearing whatever you like however you like! You don't need to wear brights to be expressive: Pops of pastels with a muted gray sweatshirt, a utilitarian backpack, and fresh white high-tops make for awesome basics to further customize with accessories and styling.

7. The Student Athlete Studying Grade-A Accessorizing

Just because you're sporty does not mean you're not ahead of the style curve! Looking cute while staying true to your low-key vibe is all in the colors: pink high-tops add a touch of playfulness while a baby-blue baseball cap gives the classic white tee a fresher feel.

8. The Stealthy Style Icon

The power of a jacket is the secret for every person who loves to exert the least amount of effort as possible when getting ready. Adding a sleek coach jacket to an outfit reinvents it while a stand-out pair of velvet high-tops seals it all off.

Images courtesy of Converse

Whoever you're going to be this year, make sure you rock it comfortably and stylishly with Converse!