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15 Hilarious Mille Bobby Brown GIFs That'll Make You Say, "Me AF"

Slay those back-to-school feels.

1. When your teacher says Wikipedia does not count as a source:

2. When your teacher talks to you closely and their coffee breath is next level:

3. Your brain when you tell yourself you'll just do the homework before school tomorrow:

4. Your face when it's an open-book test and your notes are all just song lyrics and doodles:

5. Also you when you manage to pass the same test with a 100%:

6. When the teacher on the first day asks everyone to share a "fun fact" about themselves:

7. You when you see your best friend across the hall:

8. When the teacher calls on you because you weren't listening but you answer the question correctly anyway:

9. You to the kid who reminds the teacher, "Aren't you going to collect our homework?":

10. Showing up to class when you actually did the reading and answered all the questions:

11. When your parents bring up UCAS applications:

12. When the teacher says they've preassigned partners for group work:

13. When you wake up at 4am and remember that coursework that's due in a few hours:

14. When you keep looking at the clock but only a minute has passed:

15. When you catch your crush looking at you from across the hall:

Images courtesy of Converse

Rock your fave Millie Bobby Brown look in your Converse gear and get ready to embrace all the back-to-school feels headed your way this fall!