9 People You Don’t Want To Travel With

Don’t let random traveling companions turn your dream vacation into a shenanigan-stuffed nightmare. Let Contiki plan your next adventure. Their on-the-ground experts will link you up with fun, like-minded travelers aged 18-35 to ensure you don’t get stuck with these notorious trip-killers.

1. The Downer


You’re here to go on the vacation of a lifetime. But Lauren is here to “find herself” after a dramatic breakup. And boy oh boy, get ready to hear all about it.

2. The Freaker-Outers

Columbia Pictures / Via ontd-glee.livejournal.com

UGH. Chill OUT. Just because some tiny minor thing went wrong it is no reason to get hysterical. Another reason to chill the hell out? Contiki has on-the-ground experts who can help you solve any problem you run into.

3. The Nervous Traveler


Julie didn’t bring enough anti-anxiety meds, because there aren’t enough anxiety meds in the world to make Julie fun to travel with. On the other hand, if you love hearing endless international crime statistics and air-disaster predictions, you can’t pick a better sidekick.

4. The Hypochondriac

Lifetime / Via sarabynoe.com

Trent brought water from home because he just can’t risk it. He either has bird flu or he’s a little bit hungover; He just can’t tell yet. Come to think of it, you’d better hope Trent is a hypochondriac, because if he’s as sick as he thinks he is, we’re all doomed.

5. The Slob

Walt Disney Pictures / Via gph.is

Hey, look who’s sitting next to you on the plane! It’s Russ! And oh, fantastic! He’s brought his own food.

6. Tiny Screaming People


Some people love kids. Some people — let’s put this politely — do not like kids that much. But no matter where you stand, nobody — NOBODY — loves traveling with someone else’s kids. Did we mention that Contiki is an 18+ kind of jam?

7. The Gone-Native Gals

John Fisher LRPS / Via Flickr: f4niko

You have been in France for one day and Jill and Nadia are already dressed like mimes, smoking Galoises and insisting everyone call them both Colette. But their tour companions are the lucky ones. Their friends back home are going to have to deal with their stupid affected French accent for weeks.

8. The Can’t-Leave-Work-At-Home Guy


HEY. HOTSHOT. Put down the Blackberry for a hot second and let me explain something to you. You can either go on vacation or spend all day yelling at your assistant back home, but you are not allowed to do both.

9. The Party Monster

Universal Pictures / Via sarabynoe.com

“Wooooo! It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!!!!”

Yeah but NOT HERE, BRIDGET. Here it’s 7 AM. And there’s no such thing as tailgating for the Acropolis.

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