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    10 Reasons We Can't Get Enough Of This Guy Running For State Senate In NC

    There's a State Senate race in North Carolina's District 16 that's heating up fast. The Republican candidate Molotov Mitchell is gaining popularity like wild fire among the youth and female voters, (and what a cool name!) but more and more people are finding out daily just what sets this guy apart from the rest, and why this is the Senate race to watch right now!

    10. He is an Expertly Trained Instructor in the Israeli Fighting Technique Krav Maga and Teaches All Over the World, Including Right In His Hometown

    Mitchell Campaign 2014 / Via Facebook: molotovmitchell

    Teaching women how To defend themselves from an attacker is pretty cool in our book. He is also the owner (along with wife Patricia) of Triangle Krav Maga. He just returned from a trip to Moldova where he taught counter-abduction classes (Moldova is a major hub for human trafficking)

    9. He Voluntarily Lived On The Streets For a Year to Study and Better Understand Poverty at Its Very Core

    Mitchell Campaign 2014

    PS This is not a photo taken while he was homeless (the homeless typically aren't able to "selfie") what did he learn during his journey? Well, that you'll have to ask him yourself

    8. He Says Things Like This:

    @SenRandPaul As a tattooed Republican running for office, I could not agree with you more in saying that the GOP could use some ink. #nc2014

    — Molotov Mitchell (@MolotovUSA) February 11, 2014

    7. The Guy is LOADED

    Mitchell Campaign 2014

    OK, so he's not loaded with dollars and Daddy's money like his Liberal opponent, but he IS an expert in firearms training and safety, and teaches people how to properly defend themselves. Because... 'Murica!

    6. He's no "Career Politician"

    Mitchell Campaign 2014

    Establishment Politicians are big money fund-suckers, and never stop trying to get to the power teet. Mitchell decided to run for state office for the very first time for 2014 because he wanted a young fresh approach to improving the economy, growing jobs for the youth and unemployed, and leaving behind a brighter future for the next generation... and speaking of the next generation:

    5. He's a REAL Family Man

    Mitchell Campaign 2014

    I mean, did this just come out of a magazine?! Gives us hope that real men still exist. Talk about a GOOD looking family!

    4. With a Contribution of $40 You Can Own THIS Amazing Thing!

    Mitchell Campaign 2014

    What is it? It's not brass knuckles so just calm down. It's a self defense tool (Called a Hex Tool) you can easily keep on your key chain. Fear not the dark parking lot!

    3. He Staunchly Opposes The NSA Setting Up Shop on NC State Campus

    Mitchell Campaign 2014

    He stands up for the privacy and freedom of ALL Americans, and will work to give the NSA a boot out of North Carolina.

    2. He Might Be a Member Of Mensa, But He Is Still The Kind Of Guy You Can Kick Back And Have A Drink With

    Mitchell Campaign 2014

    Pull up a chair, let him tell you a thing or two about Liberty and Freedom, Cheers!

    1. He's Not Afraid To Run A Hard Fought Campaign With Integrity, And A Little Badassery

    Mitchell Campaign 2014

    *He does not own this Cannon (at least we don't think he does)

    Find out more or get involved by visiting We have heard that the #Liberation of District 16 is Underway! *written independent of official campaign

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