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10 Signs You Haven’t Quite Come To Terms With Being A Grown-Up

Your parents warned you...but you didn't listen!

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1. It’s a ‘school’ night but you resent having to go bed before 11 pm.

Instead of settling in for the necessary eight hours you need, you cry rebelliously , “F*ck it! Who needs sleep? Five hours are good enough!" You poor, deluded fool!

2. You want to be tidy and organised...really you do!

There are moments when your home looks like a catalogue’s wet dream. Then THAT week at work happens and out of nowhere, a war zone erupts between your dishes, your laundry and your paperwork, and no room is safe.

6. You secretly love it when your parents come to visit, because they always end up tidying/cleaning/cooking/fixing that thing that’s been broken for ages

9. Your work wardrobe looks scarily like what you wore in college

Because YES, fashion has gone full circle! Plus you've been working long enough to tread the lines of smart-casual (emphasis on casual) with impudence!

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